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About Simpsons Brothers Gun Shop

What makes Simpson Brothers
Gun Shop special?
Whatever your shooting needs, our expertise and passion ensure
you’ll receive an unmatched standard of customer service.
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We have a beautiful shop at Wittering Grange Farm, located just south of Stamford, within easy access to the A1/A47 and A14 corridor making this a great location to serve customers country-wide. Our purpose-made shop is ideal for us to display and demonstrate the wide range of guns and accessories that we have on offer.

Our knowledge base within the shooting world is vast and we try and cover all products and services that a shooter may require. We offer a comprehensive range of shotguns and rifles for sporting disciplines and hunting alike.

Upstairs we have a huge array of optics from rifle scopes, thermal imaging, binoculars and range finders. Hunting accessories include quad sticks, knives, lamps, decoys and nets. Downstairs holds our clothing section covering game shooters, deer stalkers and other outdoor pursuits. We have one of the largest ammunition and cartridge selections in the country.

We have a workshop on site where our gunsmith and riflesmith’s work enable us to help you build, fix or maintain your guns. They are available to discuss any issues you have and advise on the best way to solve them.

We have access to a private clay shooting ground and, with prior arrangement, any second-hand shotguns can be tried under the expert eye of the trained shooting instructors. Gun fit is hugely important and we can make sure you leave with a gun that will shoot where you are looking.

Rifles that we supply can be built up and zeroed ensuring that everything is working correctly before you take it home. From day scopes to night vision – we know our way around the latest technology and are always on hand to offer advice to those who need it.

Marcus Simpson, Managing Director

Marcus has a lifelong passion for the gun trade and has been working within the sector for over 20 years. He is highly regarded and hugely respected by his peers. Despite being the managing director of a successful business, you are more likely to find Marcus talking enthusiastically to customers about shotguns and rifles, optics, new products, or the future of the gun trade. Over the years, he has also worked to help country estates with bespoke deer management plans, and loves organising recreational stalking for customers.

He is also handy with a shotgun and is never happier than when he is out in the countryside, either loading, instructing, or shooting. Although he loves pheasants, some of his favourite days have been in a hide, shooting pigeons or crows. He holds his Deer Stalking Certificates Levels 1 & 2, as well as being an APSI qualified shooting instructor and gun fitter.

Matthew Simpson, Director & Gunsmith

Like his brother and fellow director, Matt regards the gun trade as a passion and a lifestyle. He is never happier than when he is in the countryside deer stalking, indeed he shot his first deer over 31 years ago. However, first and foremost, Matt is a highly experienced and talented gunsmith and offers the shop customers a level of service that can very rarely be provided by a gun shop. He trained under The Osborne Gun Company in Scotland for many years, and has established a reputation built based on trust, quality and reliability in high-end gun repairs. He has his DSC1/DSC2 and is also an APSI shooting instructor and gun fitter.  

In 2017, along with his brother Marcus, they formed the Simpson Brother’s Gun Shop, formerly known as John Bradshaw Gun Shop. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength and today is regarded as a highly professional and friendly place to visit.  

You can see the variety of work he does on his Instagram page TheGunsmithsuk


Senior Customer Advisor

Holly joined the Simpson Brothers Gun Shop in May 2020. Since then, she has established herself as an invaluable and integral part of the team. She has excellent knowledge and offers a high level of expertise and advice on all manner of products, ranging from shotguns and rifles, to optics and thermal imaging. When not in the shop, Holly enjoys shooting clays and stalking. She holds her DSC1 and is a qualified APSI shooting instructor and gun fitter. Holly is also responsible for the company’s online presence and manages our social media, blogs and website activities.


Customer Advisor

Harry is the newest arrival that we have welcomed to the Simpson Brothers team, joining from Sporting Target Limited in Bedfordshire. He is a bit of a crack shot, and in 2018 he entered the Jack Pyke English Open, shooting a high score of 114/120. He also enjoys game shooting, beating and deer stalking. Coming from a farming family, and when time permits, he is always willing to help his father around the farm, and in 2021 he became a member of the Blunham Young Farmers Club. With Harry’s obvious talent for shooting and enthusiasm to help customers, he is perfect addition to the existing team. 


Riflesmith and Stalking Training Specialist

Andy has decades of experience and is our go-to guy for any information relating to deer, ballistics and reloading, however, don’t ask him anything about shotguns. He shot his first deer when he was 17 years old and is a keen and passionate member of the deer stalking community. He has been working with the Simpson Brothers for over 10 years and heads up our rifle and stalking related training, as well as supporting in rifle repairs. Andy is a qualified DMQ assessor, holds his own DSC levels 1 and 2 and advanced stalkers certificate. He is an Anschutz trained rifle and airgun repairer and has attended various courses, including the Swarovski long-range course in Italy. Andy has been managing a deer park for the last 20 years and has organised multiple stalking and management syndicates. 


Rifle and Pistol

Dave is passionate about pistol and rifle shooting and is currently the Chairman of Oundle Rifle and Pistol Club. He has been hunting and shooting for over 40 years, and whilst he prefers rifles, he is also an accomplished shot with a shotgun. He is our resident rifle smith, who has worked for the Simpson Brothers since the business was formed is 2017, but he was around long before, when the business was under its former owners. He is highly accomplished at fixing target rifles, hunting rifles or pistols. He also fixes semi-automatic shotguns and is an Anschutz trained rifle and airgun repairer.  Personally, Dave has amassed an impressive collection of medals in military rifle shooting.

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