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Due to current COVID-19 social distancing restrictions we cannot currently run lessons. This is due to instructors needing to stand close to students to ensure the safety of all parties involved whilst shooting. These vouchers will run for 12 months to allow time to book when social distancing restrictions are lifted. If restrictions continue to prohibit lessons we shall extend this time frame. This will take place in Northamptonshire

Introduction to Deer Stalking

This is an experience aimed at those who are interested in deer stalking and would like to learn more. No prior experience necessary. This will be held on a 1 to 1 basis with an experienced qualified instructor and deer manager. All equipment will be provided.

The experience will run for half a day. It will be split into three sections

- A walk through woodland whilst discussing the principles of stalking and deer control.This will be done in an area of known deer activity so you can learn as you go. Topics covered will including deer damage and other signs of activity, IDing different species, techniques used to control numbers, the ethics of culling and deer management plus the safety aspects of shooting in the countryside

- Time on the range. This will start with a safety brief for shooting rifles. Your guide will show you basic rifle handling and you will be allowed to shoot a centrefire rifle. You can also try out other equipment like binoculars, range finders, shooting sticks, bipods etc and talk about how they are used and why

- The stalk. This is where you get to shadow your Tutor whilst he stalks. This may be on foot or in a high seat depending on conditions and the ability of the guest. You will get to see the skills you have learnt about in action. If the stalk is successful you will have the opportunity be shown how to gralloch, inspect and extract the animal.

You have to be over 18 and not be prohibited under the Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 from handling firearms to attend this course.

You will be presented with a gift voucher for this experience day once purchased. This voucher will last for 12months. If COVID-19 restrictions continue there will be some flexibility allowed. This can be addressed to others if you would like to give this as a gift. Please leave details in note section when purchasing.


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